Hi there, I am Emil Dimanchev and I am a climate policy researcher specializing in energy systems, policy design, and techno-economic modeling.


I am a Senior Research Associate at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research. My research leverages diverse methods matched to the problem at hand, with a focus on quantitative models.

I have testified in front of legislators on climate policy, served as a consultant to government officials on carbon pricing, and briefed senior staff at Fortune Global 500 companies. My research has been featured in policy hearings in the EU Parliament and the EU Commission on the reform of the European Emissions Trading System, contributing to, in the words of one lawmaker: “a cool-headed debate”. My work has also been quoted in the media including in the BBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Politico, Reuters, and the Guardian.


I am a superforecaster at Good Judgment where I provide analyses and probabilistic predictions on a variety of topics including science, economics, and policy. I have made hundreds of predictions on Good Judgment Open and placed in the top 0.2 percent of forecasters. I also participated in IARPA’s second Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge, where our team placed in the top five.


An ideal day includes - aside from progress toward forward-thinking climate policy - rock climbing with my better half, and a book.